DNASTAR Lasergene is the complete software solution you need for designing primers, cloning genes, multiple sequence alignments, next-gen sequencing and more. DNASTAR Lasergene includes three comprehensive packages:

  • Lasergene Molecular Biology
  • Lasergene Protein 
  • Lasergene Genomics

Lasergene Molecular Biology

Software for DNA and RNA  sequence analysis.  Applications for sequence alignments, gene finding, Sanger contig. assembly, automated plasmid annotation, cloning, and primer design.

Lasergene Protein

Software for protein sequence analysis. A robust set of tools for protein sequence analysis, macromolecular visualization, and structural prediction.

Lasergene Genomics

Software for next generation sequencing.  NGS assembly and analysis software, offering an intuitive user interface, built in optimized parameters and unmatched accuracy.

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CCR License Access:

Lasergene can be requested using the NCI at your Service portal: https://service.cancer.gov/Lasergene