GeneSpring Microarray and arrayCGH software

Agilent GeneSpring GX 12.6 Software

Agilent offers a robust data management and analysis environment for systems biology.  The software combines a highly scalable architecture, a rich set of analysis tools, and a series of programmatic interfaces that enable multi-campus enterprises to maximize the value of their research. The GeneSpring software offers an expanding suite of applications designed to store multiple data types including gene expression, genotyping, comparative genomic hybridization, and proteomics data.

CGH Microarray Analysis Software

Agilent CytoGenomics Software addresses the needs of cytogeneticists for analysis and triage of their CGH and CGH+SNP data from both constitutional and hematological cancer samples.  The CGH Microarray Analysis software is designed specifically for cytogenic research in order to put data into a biological context.  The software provides a streamlined workflow that is automation enabled for data upload and analysis.  Optimized algorithms are used to ensure accurate detection of copy-number changes and copy-neutral variations, including LOH (Loss of Heterozygosity) and UPD (Uniparental Disomy).   Convenient data input and output support allow for easy integration with LIMS (Laboratory Information Management).  Easily suppress, classify, edit, and annotate aberrations and generate data reports.

Access Information

You must submit a request through “NCI at Your Service” to obtain access to GeneSpring Software.