Partek Genomics Suite is a comprehensive suite of advanced statistics and interactive data visualization tools specifically designed to reliably extract biological signals from noisy data. Designed for high-dimensional genomic studies containing thousands of samples, Partek Genomics Suite is fast, memory efficient and will analyze large data sets on a personal computer. It supports a complete workflow including convenient data access tools, identification and annotation of important biomarkers, and construction and validation of predictive diagnostic classification systems. Partek Genomics Suite is Affymetrix GeneChip-compatible for gene expression analysis, exon expression analysis, and chromosomal copy number analysis.


Partek provides a start-to-finish data analysis software solution for next-generation sequencing applications including DNA, Transcriptome, and Gene Regulation. Take advantage of pre-installed analysis pipelines and workflows to perform analysis without ever typing a single line of code.


Analyze gene expression, alternative splicing, regulation, copy number, association studies, and more using our powerful, microarray workflows, and share your findings using information-rich visualizations suitable for publication.


Partek provides the only software able to integrate all your microarray and next-generation sequencing data, including data from different applications into a single, comprehensive study. Now you can easily compare and contrast data to find greater biological meaning and understanding.

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