Partek software enables researchers of all skill levels to perform powerful statistical analysis of genomic data. It offers all the same powerful statistical tools and advanced functionality that researchers rely on without the hassle of a command line interface.  Partek supports applications such as, Single Cell Gene Expression, Gene Expression, Variant Detection, CNV Analysis Metagenomics, Methylation, ChiP-Seq, and Non-coding RNA Expression.

Partek Genomics Suite

Partek® Genomics Suite®is a comprehensive suite of advanced statistics and interactive data visualization tools specifically designed to reliably extract biological signals from noisy data. Designed for high-dimensional genomic studies containing thousands of samples, Partek Genomics Suite is fast, memory efficient and will analyze large data sets on a personal computer. It supports a complete workflow including convenient data access tools, identification and annotation of important biomarkers, and construction and validation of predictive diagnostic classification systems. Partek Genomics Suite is Affymetrix GeneChip-compatible for gene expression analysis, exon expression analysis, and chromosomal copy number analysis.

Partek Flow

Partek® Flow® is a start-to-finish software analysis solution for next generation sequencing data applications. It has an easy-to-use interface, robust statistical algorithms, information-rich visualizations, and cutting edge genomic tools enabling researchers of all skill levels to confidently perform data analysis.

  • All the tools you need to quickly go from raw data files to meaningful results within a single solution
  • Enter the pipeline where it makes sense for you; raw data, aligned reads, count data, or normalized counts
  • Explore data with interactive, customizable, and publication ready  visualizations

Additional Partek Flow features

Access Information:

Partek Genomics Suite is available by submitting a request through “NCI at Your Service

Partek Flow is available by submitting a request through “NCI at Your Service“, and also through CIT/Helix.


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