SnapGene enables an easy and secure way to plan, visualize, and document everyday molecular biology procedures. With an intuitive interface, the software enables DNA sequence visualization, sequence annotation, sequence editing, cloning, protein visualization, and simulating common cloning methods. The software also enables documentation and sharing of data.

Key Software Features:

  • SnapGene makes your DNA manipulations easy to visualize and simulate, and alerts you to errors before they happen.
  • Every DNA manipulation in SnapGene is automatically recorded, so you can see exactly what you did and retrieve the sequences of ancestral constructs.
  • SnapGene’s .dna files can be opened by the free cross-platform SnapGene Viewer, enabling you to share richly annotated maps and sequences with colleagues.
  • SnapGene automatically generates a record of every sequence edit and cloning procedure, so you won’t lose track of how a construct was made, even after a lab member leaves.
  • SnapGene supports a host of file formats. As a result, your scientists can switch entirely to SnapGene without losing data, or can continue using legacy software together with SnapGene without conflict.

Training & Resources:

As a service to the research community, SnapGene provides tutorial videos along with a library of carefully annotated plasmids, along with guides to popular cloning methods.  

Tutorial Videos

CCR License Access:

SnapGene can be requested using the NCI at your Service portal: