NCI Cryo Electron Microscopy is a core facility affiliated with NICE serving intramural investigators in NCI, NIAID, NIEHS, NICHD, NIDCR, NEI, and NIA.  Our facility provides access to a state-of-the-art Titan Krios cryo electron microscope for atomic-resolution structure determination of protein, macromolecular complexes and receptors, cellular organelles, infectious pathogens using single particle or cryo tomography approach.  Fine detailed 3D maps computed by electron micrographs spark numerous biological insights in cancer research, vaccine design, cell development, and human physiological and functional studies.  In addition to high-resolution data collection service, our microscopists also offer technical consultation and guidance on cryo specimen preparation and image processing to our intramural trainees.  We are proud to be a member of a joined global collaboration for providing a cutting-edge microscopy access and sharing our expertise with the NIH structural biology community to advance our knowledge in life science.

Microscopy Applications:

  • Negative Staining and cryoEM sample preparation.
  • Negative Staining and cryoEM sample screening.
  • CryoEM Single Particle and tomography data collection.

Current Instruments:

Building 37

  • Titan Krios 300Kv Electron Microscope with Gatan BioQuantum Image Filter and K3 Direct Electron Detector
  • FEI Vitrobot mach4
  • Leica Cryo GP2
  • Ted Pella Easy Glow grid discharging system

Building 50

  • Tecnai 12 120kv Electron Microscope with US4000 camera (K2 summit in 2022)
  • 2 Gatan 626 cryo holders
  • 1 multi-specimen cryo holder in 2022
  • Gatan turbo pumping stations for cryo holders

NICE Advisory Committee

Director: Jenny Hinshaw Ph.D. (NIDDK)

Deputy Director: Joseph Macrotrigiano Ph.D. (NIAID)

Deputy Director: Di Xia Ph.D. (NCI)

Current Labs and Collaborators

NCI-Yawen Bai, Kyung Lee, Kylie Walters, Di Xia, Ping Zhang, Thomas Zheng

NIEHS-Mario Borgnia, Bill Copeland, Roel Schaaper, Robin Stanley, Scott Williams

NIAID-Audrey Harris, Joseph Macrotrigiano, David Margulies, Peter Sun, Niraj Tolia

NIAID-VRC-Peter Kwong, John Mascola, Mario Roederer

NICHD-Anirban Banerjee, Doreen Matthies, Joshua Zimmerberg

NIDCR-Jay Chiorini, Nadine Samara

NIA-Lisa Hartnell


Allison Zeher

37 Convent Dr.

Building 37, Room 3035

Bethesda, MD 20892

Main Contact

Rick Huang Ph.D.

Facility Manager

37 Convent Dr.

Building 37, Room 3035

Bethesda, MD 20892