CODEX® Analysis Suite

CODEX technology provides unparalleled levels of highly multiplexed tissue imaging data. In order to unlock the true complexity of the tumor microenvironment, Akoya has developed a suite of analysis tools to rapidly enable researchers to move from multiplexed fluorescent images to easily interpretable visualization of spatially resolved cellular structure and cell phenotypes.

The CODEX Analysis Suite is a flexible system for end-to-end analysis of CODEX for advanced image analysis:

  • Synchronized control of the CODEX Assay fluidics and microscope image capture
  • Share images and results with a browser-based data management system
  • Spatial visualization of cell phenotypes and populations

CODEX® Data Visualization

Comprehensive, robust solution encompassing image navigation, cell segmentation and biomarker quantification for sophisticated algorithmic clustering of cellular phenotypes. The intuitive interface enables spatial overlay for the easy interpretation of tissue substructures such as tumor and stromal boundaries.