Fluidigm has developed an entirely new approach to single-cell genomics based on microfluidic technology. Our innovative technologies enable highly parallel RNA and DNA analysis from samples containing only a few hundred cells. By integrating and simplifying multiple steps in the single-cell workflow, you can rapidly and reliably isolate, process and profile individual cells for multiple genomics applications.


Single-cell precision—greater accuracy to measure differences in gene expression profiles

Easy to use—simplified cell isolation and preparation with a streamlined workflow and intuitive interface

Fast—cell input-to-data in less than a day

All in one—comprehensive, automated workflow generates reproducible and reliable results

Flexible—expandable into the whole transcriptome and variant discovery

Traditional methods of extraction, isolation by pipette, and processing cells are laborious, time-consuming and prone to introducing errors. In addition, averaging cell pools masks many important functions within a single cell. Geneticists and clinical researchers have been looking for a complete workflow that can examine and differentiate individual cells and group them according to unique genomes and transcriptomes while minimizing technical noise.

The C1™ system takes an entirely new approach, based on innovative Fluidigm® microfluidic technology that enables you to rapidly and reliably isolate, process, and profile individual cells for genomic analysis. For the first time, you can extract, reverse transcribe, pre-amplify, and ultimately detect and analyze cell activity using just one technology, reducing the variability caused by multiplatform technical errors.

The C1 enables you to study cell differentiation, measuring individual cell responses to specific stimuli, verify critical disease biomarkers, validate RNAi knockdown, and conduct candidate drug screens.

C1 Components

The C1 system is the world’s first commercially available, automated single-cell isolation and preparation system for genomic analysis. The C1 System provides an easy and highly reproducible gene expression workflow to process 96 single cells across 96 mRNA targets. In this format, our single-cell workflow enables you to measure the expression of hundreds of genes in just a few hours compared to experiments that would normally take days using traditional systems. With this new system, you can rapidly explore unique attributes of individual cells without the technical variability of a standard gene expression workflow.

The C1 system consists of the following:

C1 instrument— a breakthrough, bench-top automation of isolation, lysis, and preamplification of single cells

C1 IFC—proprietary integrated fluidics circuit that facilitates capture and highly paralleled preparation of 96 individual cells

C1 Reagent Kit—a ready-to-use reagent kit to support cell suspension, lysis, and purification

Available through the CCR Genomics Core

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