Protein Complex Characterization Section of the Cancer Research Technology Program (CRTP)

The Cancer Research Technology Program (formerly the Advanced Technology Program) at NCI-Frederick has extensive expertise in protein expression, isolation, and characterization.  For example, the Protein Characterization Laboratory (PCL) is fully equipped with state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and other protein detection instrumentation. The Protein Expression Laboratory (PEL) has extensive cloning, expression optimization, and protein purification services. To facilitate the identification and characterization of protein complexes, the CRTP has assembled a group of scientists from these two laboratories that are dedicated to assisting CCR investigators with the design and execution of expression and purification strategies to define the composition of protein complexes in mammalian cells. To initiate discussions about different options for the characterization of protein complexes, please contact:


Thorkell Andresson, PhD

Protein complex characterization studies done in conjunction with the CRTP are supported with OSTR subsidy.  Contact the OSTR for details.