The NIH Intramural Research Program Collaborative Research Exchange (CREx)

The Collaborative Research Exchange (CREx) is an online CCR marketplace where investigators can search, browse, and request information for research services, technologies, or custom products (antibody production, protein production etc.), offered by NCI Cores and Collaborative Resources and commercial vendors, including all OSTR technology partners. CREx also allows a convenient mechanism of communication between investigators and core or company account managers. Pertinent cores and commercial vendors are “badged” if they carry specific certifications (eg PHS for custom antibody development) and if OSTR subsidizes any technology or service through them.

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NCI-CCR Resource Categories

This index lists all cores and collaborative resources available to CCR investigators. Services and expertise from NCI & CCR Cores are available to all CCR investigators. However, technologies and expertise offered through Collaborative Resources (CCR Research Labs and Lab/Branch Facilities) are at the discretion of the Principal Investigator or Lab/Branch Chief.