Optical Microscopy and Image Analysis Lab (OMAL)

Laboratory Overview

OMAL focuses its research and development activities to quantitatively understand the molecular basis of three-dimensional (3D) cell organization, motility, invasion, and differentiation using live, 3D tissue culture models (i.e., translational models). The technologies above are available as core services.


The OMAL also ensures that NCI has advanced technology and in-depth expertise in microscopy and related areas. The Confocal Microscopy Facility offers current 3D optical (confocal and super-resolution) microscopy for imaging of living and fixed cells and tissues; computational resources for visualization and extraction of quantitative information from images.

Microscope Training

For experiment design advice and microscope training please contact:

Stephen Lockett
(301) 846-5515

Kim Peifley
(301) 846-6561

Project Submission

To submit a project please click HERE to view the project submission guidelines and to reach the project submission form.

Microscope Scheduling

NIH Users: Please see instructions for accessing the FNLCR OMAL microscope scheduling calendars. You will need to use your NIH login and password.

Contact: Laboratory Director
Stephen Lockett, PhD