April 2024 Newsletter

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NIH Extramural Common Fund Resources

Metabolomics Workbench

Developed by the NIH Metabolomics Common Fund’s National Metabolomics Data Repository (NMDR), the Metabolomics Workbench is a national and international repository for metabolomics data and metadata, providing analysis tools and access to metabolite standards, protocols, tutorials, training, and more.

Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Cores (RCMRCs)

Analyze and interpret metabolomics data, including the ability to determine metabolite identities.

NIH Intramural Core Resources

NIH Mass Spectrometry Facilities

Characterize and quantify a wide range of molecules from various biological samples.

Missed IT ? CREx Meeting Event

NIH Intramural Core Spotlight Seminar: Trans-NIH Metabolomics Core (TNMC)

Watch the most recent seminar from the NIH Intramural Spotlight Seminar Series featuring the Trans-NIH Metabolomics Core.

New CREx Feature

Product Hub

Search and compare over 15 million lab reagents and supplies, as well as lab equipment at discounted prices.