The NIH Intramural Research Program Collaborative Research Exchange (CREx)

The first and only NIH-exclusive online research resource marketplace

CREx is an easy-to-use platform that catalogues research resources available across the NIH. It also includes an expansive database of services offered by the biotechnology industry. All resources are organized by research areas and keywords to ensure effortless identification of the most relevant resources by NIH investigators. On CREx, NIH researchers may:

  • EXPLORE:  Capabilities of 250 NIH Core labs, 75 Trans-NIH and Collaborative facilities, and 18,000+ external scientific service providers.
  • SEARCH:  Specific assays, techniques, expertise, and instrumentation.
  • REQUEST:  Price quotes and capability statements from multiple NIH Cores/facilities and external service providers.
  • COMMUNICATE:  With Core/facility managers and external company representatives about research projects

To learn more about CREx, please explore the following resources: