NCI-CCR Resource Categories

CCR Cores and collaborative resources make services and expertise available to CCR investigators. Technologies and expertise offered through collaborative resources (CCR Research Labs and Lab/Branch Facilities) are at the discretion of the Principal Investigator or Lab/Branch Chief.


Centralized research resource facilities that provide access to advanced instrumentation, cutting-edge technologies, and expert consultation. Cores provide opportunities to be hubs of innovation and connect scientists with tools and expertise that can advance their research to the next level.



A multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional network of resources whose collective efforts can enable transformational advances in the most promising research areas. The program is designed to foster scientific breakthroughs by providing resources not usually available to individual investigators, or small groups.



The Collaborative Research Exchange (CREx) is an online NIH marketplace for investigators to search, browse, and request information for research services, technologies, or products offered by NCI/NIH Cores, Collaborative Resources, and commercial vendors.

Our Mission

The Office of Science and Technology Resources (OSTR) catalyzes the advancement of cancer research through making innovative technologies and scientific resources accessible to scientists at the Center for Cancer Research (CCR). OSTR develops partnerships, collaborations, and agreements with outside organizations with the primary goal of furthering the scientific mission of the CCR.

Emerging Technologies

Several established and emerging technologies are needed by CCR investigators in order to systematically dissect the heterogeneity of cancer in order to gain a better understanding of the causes of invasion, metastasis, and therapy resistance. CCR needs to remain at the forefront of cancer research by applying the latest Single Cell (SC) technologies as they emerge rather than remaining on the sidelines. The Single Cell genomics field is rapidly evolving. Thus, CCR must continue to find ways to quickly evaluate these technologies and efficiently exploit them for ongoing research projects. These coveted technologies have been identified as having the strongest footing among the leading institutions around the world that are focused on SC genomic analysis, therefore, OSTR is dedicated to providing this groundbreaking technology to CCR investigators.

Supplemental Technology Award Review System (STARS)

Advanced Technology Video Library

  • The Advanced Technology Video Library (ATVL) is a unique educational and informational resource offered by the Office of Science and Technology Resources (OSTR) designed to introduce users to various scientific methodologies, i.e., protein mass spectrometry and molecular microscopy, with the use of video tutorials, as well as seminars on currents advancements in scientific methods and instrumentation.
Video Library

FNL Core Services Request System (NAS)