Small STARS Submission Instructions

Offering supplemental funding for exceptional costs of technologies and research services.

Small STARS can be used to request supplemental funding to offset exceptional costs (e.g., core or vendor services or specialized reagents).  All requests must be approved for funding before work can commence.

  • Provides 50% cost sharing subsidy for advanced technologies, research services and costly reagents available through cores and external vendors.
  • Individual subsidy request must be > $3,000, with a maximum of $8,000 total per fiscal year per PI.
  • Funding can be requested directly through NAS for Frederick cores, while the STARS request form must be used for all other cores and external vendors.
  • CANNOT be used for NGS services (use Large STARS), animal support (use RRS Animals) or equipment (use RRS).
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the fiscal year.

Large STARS applications can be used if the PI has reached the $8,000 subsidy limit for the year, the supplement requested is more than $8,000, and/or the supplement requested is for a project that includes NGS costs.