The CCR Collaborative Bioinformatics Resource (CCBR)

The CCR Collaborative Bioinformatics Resource (CCBR) is an organizational umbrella which provides a mechanism for CCR researchers to obtain many different types of bioinformatics assistance to further their research goals. This entity pulls together many different groups within NCI, with expertise in a broad range of bioinformatics topics, and as such, its goal is to provide a simplified “one-stop shopping” access for CCR researchers.

Bioinformatics experts from CCR, Frederick National Laboratory (FNL) and the Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBIIT) are the primary resources for providing support. However, the CCBR may also direct projects to other CCR bioinformatics experts as needs demand. Requests for any type of Bioinformatics support should be through is the CCBR Project Submission Form.

Collaborative Cloud Solutions for Data Analysis

Bioinformatics Workflows by NIDAP

NIDAP (NIH Intergrated Data Analysis Platform) is a cloud-based data aggregation and analysis environment that hosts user-friendly bioinformatics workflows and visualization tools developed by the NCI Developer Community.  This collaborative platform hosts workflows based on open-source tools and makes them available to biologist end-users.

CCR Bioinformatics Training and Education Program (BTEP)

The goal of this program is to increase the awareness and understanding of Bioinformatics techniques and processes among CCR scientists, and to empower CCR scientists to perform a basic, informed set of analyses on their own behalf. In the coming months, BTEP will present a series of coordinated lectures and training sessions, presented by subject-matter experts, focusing on select topics of the data analysis.

Genome Analysis Unit (GAU).

The Genome Analysis Unit provides bioinformatics assistance to CCR investigators by engaging in longe-term collaborative projects, by developing custom tools and pipelines to address specific novel challenges, and by providing training.

Scientific Software

To facilitate access to the latest bioinformatics tools and resources, the OSTR has developed agreements with a variety of bioinformatics companies that provide software packages to analyze genomic and proteomic data. These tools are meant to be accessible to the majority of CCR investigators and NCI contractor employees engaged in collaborative arrangements with NCI investigators.

Access to software for the analysis of gene expression, promoter analysis, array CGH, genetics, signal transduction pathways, and genomics analysis.
A complete list of all software supported by the NCI Center for Bioinformatics and Information Technology (CBIIT) and OSTR can be found on the CCR Research Exchange (CREx: NCI/OSTR SCIENTIFIC SOFTWARE).  Most of these tools can be obtained by submitting a request through the NIH Computer Help Desk 301-496-4357 or NCI At Your Service).