June 2024 Newsletter

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New CREx Program Manager

The CREx Team is happy to announce Deepika Velampati as the new CREx Program Manager. For a CREx demonstration, training, or to have your Core Facility highlighted in an upcoming newsletter, please contact Deepika Velampati or the NIH CREx Team.

NIH Intramural Core Resources

NIH Animal Resources

Interested in animal models for inflammation, oncology, or any other research needs? On CREx you may simultaneously search and request information from multiple NIH animal resources.

CREx Meeting Event

NIH Intramural Core Spotlight SeminarNIAID’s Mouse Genetics and Gene Modification Section (MGGM)

Thursday, June 27, 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

This webinar will focus on CRISPR/Cas9 genome edited mouse models.

NIDCD Meeting Event: Zebrafish Can Help Us “See” How Hearing Works

Monday, June 24, 2024, 1.00 PM – 2.00 PM

Katie Kindt, Ph.D. will explain how her lab uses molecular and microscopy-based methods to examine sensory cell function and development in the zebrafish model system. Open to all NIH staff.