Genomics Technology Laboratory

The Genomics Laboratory (formerly Laboratory of Molecular Technology) is an integrated, high-throughput molecular biology laboratory focusing on the development of genetics and genomics technologies, together with associated laboratory automation systems, data analysis, and information management tools. The laboratory develops integrated strategies using multiple technology platforms that maximize the value of research or clinical samples and lead to the identification of pathways, genes, or gene products involved in the development of a disease, as well as the assembly of genetic or expression profiles for the identification of prognostic and diagnostic indicators. The laboratory also specializes in the development of custom assays for quantitation of specific molecules in complex clinical samples.

Sequencing Automation

  • Variety of options for NGS library preparations, including substantial project design consultation, Ion Torrent (CLIA certified), and Illumina MiSeq
  • Whole exome capture using Agilent’s SureSelect reagents
  • 16s Microbiome Pipeline: Automated fecal sample extraction, library preparation, normalization, and sequencing on MiSeq for bacterial 16s RNA gene.
  • Specific single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection and DNA methylation analysis on the Qiagen Pyromark platform
  • Large projects requiring laboratory automation are managed using one of several Beckman BioMek FX liquid handling systems.

Molecular Diagnostics

  • Sanger sequencing-based mutation detection services in a CLIA environment for investigators evaluating patients for specific genetic abnormalities.
  • An established large panel of mutation detection assays
  • Development of new assays on request.
  • Current assays can deliver results in 1-3 weeks and new assays can be developed within 6 weeks.

Microarray and qPCR Gene Expression Services

  • Global gene expression analysis on Affymetrix single cartridge arrays and high throughput formats arrays (96 sample/plate), including most common model system.  Many options to choose from including 3’ array, Gene array, and Exon arrays.
  • Focused gene expression analysis on a single gene or a panel of genes on Nanostring digital nCounter, Fluidigm Biomark microfluidic chips, or Digital Droplet PCR (ddPCR).
  • DMET Plus genotyping service for pharmacogenetic related SNPs (CLIA qualified)
  • aCGH (microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization) on Agilent SurePrint platform for global copy number changes
  • miRNA expression on the Nanostring and Fluidigm Biomark HD platforms
  • ABI’s TaqMan chemistry from copy number variation assays to SNP assays to quantitative PCR assays

User Guidelines: The laboratory is an open core laboratory serving all CCR investigators.  Project scope is defined in consultation with the customer. To access services available through GL, you must submit a request for a cost estimate through the NCI at Frederick Accessioning System (NAS).  OSTR provides subsidies for microarray, nanostring, and next-gen library prep through the GL. The core staff will deduct the OSTR subsidy from the total cost estimate. 

Contact Details

CCR Lead: Xiaolin Wu,