Contact Information

Primary Contact

Laura M. Yee
Section Head


9609 Medical Center Drive
Room 2W334
Bethesda, MD 20892


Office of Collaborative Biostatistics, Office of the Clinical Director, is the statistical and data management component of CCR. The Section provides statistical leadership and data management consultation for CCR’s major clinical activities and is involved in the design, review, conduct, monitoring and analysis of intramural clinical trials of experimental treatments for cancer and AIDS-related malignancies. BDMS also provides support, on occasion, for national/multi-center clinical trials. The BDMS also provides a broad range of data analysis and consultation services to CCR laboratories performing basic research into the origin and growth mechanisms of cancer and HIV/AIDS.

User Guidelines

In addition to collaboration on clinical trials, the BDMS collaborates on CCR clinical studies to:

  • identify important prognostic and treatment selection factors,
  • evaluate diagnostic procedures,
  • develop improved staging systems, and
  • assist CCR clinical investigators in designing, executing, and analyzing major pharmacokinetic and in vitro drug testing studies.


Bioinformatics Biostatistics and Computingnci-ncrstatistical analysis