The NCI Research Flow Facility provides cell sorting and benchtop flow cytometry services to NCI investigators. Services are program-specific and are not available to all NCI or NIH investigators. Please inquire as to availability.

Established Technologies

  • Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)
  • Benchtop polychromatic flow cytometry
  • Laser scanning cytometry
  • Full-spectrum cytometry

Developing Technologies

  • Stem cell analysis
  • Apoptosis detection
  • Integration of new laser technology into existing instrumentation, including solid-state diode and diode-pumped (DPSS) laser technology, fiber lasers, and non-linear supercontinuum laser technology.

Facility is program-specific, and is not available to all investigators. Please inquire as to availability.

Contact Information
William Telford
Senior Associate Scientist
Building 10 – Hatfield Clinical Research Center
Room 3-3297
NCI-Bethesda, MD 20892