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The Supplemental Technology Award Review System (STARS) is a web-based interface for submission and review of S&S supplement requests by CCR PIs.

What is STARS, and how does it relate to OSTR subsidies and RRS?

  • All supplementary S&S requests must be submitted through STARS.
  • Submission may occur on a rolling basis without specific due dates or calls for proposals.
  • No requests under $1,500 will be considered beginning in FY19. Although there is no upper limit, the majority of requests should not exceed $20,000. Please note that only PIs may request technology supplements in excess of $10,000.
  • Eligible expenses include services from dedicated cores and outside vendors (e.g., custom antibody development, protein production/purification, metabolomics profiling, DNA and RNA sequencing, genomic profiling, methylation analysis, etc.).
  • STARS is not a means to launch new projects. High-impact new projects should ideally be prioritized in the PI’s core allocation or should be submitted to the FLEX Program.
  • Equipment requests, meeting requests, and animal resource requests will continue to be considered in RRS. (CCR Supplemental Funding Resources)
  • Requests for technology supplements of up to $10,000 will be reviewed for technical merit by OSTR until a PI reaches the $10,000 OSTR supplement limit.
  • Requests for supplements of greater than $10,000 will be reviewed monthly by the CCR Science Board (CSB). In addition to the technical appropriateness, a significant consideration for requests above $10,000 will be the scientific merit and potential impact of the proposed work. The higher the requested amount, the higher the scrutiny!
  • STARS outcome notifications will include summary evaluations. Resubmissions are allowed but must be responsive to reviewer evaluations.
  • Project-associated costs for STARS awards over $10,000 will be paid directly to the vendor by OD CCR. Funds will not be transferred to the PI CAN. STAR supplements must be used within 90 days of approval.
  • PIs have the opportunity to reduce the requested amount by contributing funds from their base budgets.
  • Funds for the STARS program are limited and will be allocated and distributed evenly throughout the fiscal year.
  • Please carefully read the STARS submission instructions before entering your request.

STARS Submission Instructions

How do I use my Supplemental Technology Award?

Requests over $10,000: For projects requiring technology supplements in excess of $10,000, the STARS Request Form will ask for a detailed scientific and budgetary justification, as well as information on the Cores or vendors you will be using. Because the requests are project-based, you may include several cores and vendors in one request. Proposals will be reviewed by members of the CCR Science Board on a rolling (monthly) basis. Outcome notifications will be emailed and will include comments from reviewers. All approved project-associated costs must be paid using your own lab CAN/PID. When the work has been completed and billed, please provide confirmation through an email to Ashley Jordre ( with the POTS, PO or NAS number etc., and include the OSTR/STARS Subsidy ID in the subject. OSTR/STARS subsidy funds will only be transferred to reimburse your Lab CAN/PID, upon receipt of this “proof of purchase” email.

Requests under $10,000: If you are requesting a supplement of $10,000 or less for CCR-dedicated cores hosted by CRTP, you do NOT need to submit a separate STARS request. Subsidy amounts for CRTP services are predetermined by service type and will be included in your cost estimate, which you request via the NCI at Frederick Accessioning System. No requests under $1,500 will be considered beginning in FY19.

CCR-Dedicated cores hosted by CRTP are:

  • Genomics Technology Laboratory (GTL)
  • Protein Expression Laboratory (PEL)
  • Protein Characterization Laboratory (PCL)
  • Electron Microscopy Laboratory (EML)
  • CCR Sequencing Facility (SF)
  • Single Cell Analysis Facility (SCAF)

Please see the STARS guidelines for supporting projects associated with the CRTP

If you are requesting subsidy in any amount for a vendor or core that is NOT one of the CCR-dedicated cores hosted by CRTP, use the STARS request form, to provide basic details of the technology or services you require. Note that you are required to cover 50% of the total cost from your own laboratory budget and to place your orders directly to the respective companies through the standard procurement process. In order to be eligible for the subsidy, investigators must fill in and submit the subsidy form PRIOR TO placing the order with the company.

Once the subsidy is approved, place the order for the full cost of the purchase against your laboratory CAN or PID. When the order has been placed and is documented in SOFie or CMS Budget Reports, email Ashley Jordre ( OSTR funds will only be transferred in the amount of the approved subsidy to reimburse your laboratory CAN/PID once proof of purchase has been received.

External vendor services can be found through the NIH IRP Collaborative Research Exchange (CREx).

Technologies and services available from outside vendors are also eligible for OSTR subsides.