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The Biophysics Core Facility (BCF) was established in 2008 in the NHLBI as an advanced service laboratory providing expertise, training, consultations, and instrument access for intramural researchers. The BCF’s mission is to bolster basic and translational research by offering access to the newest biophysical technologies, and by adapting them to the specific needs of the DIR.

Currently, BCF houses 15 unique systems for the characterization and analysis of macromolecules and their interactions. BCF is the only facility at the NIH Bethesda campus where users have access to some of the most advanced biophysical techniques, including NTA, MP, MDS, FFF, SEC-MALS, MST, and BLI. BCF is an open facility where users perform their own experiments with the support of the core staff.

Some projects may require special expertise or development of new experimental assays. In these cases, users often start a collaboration with the core facility. We do not offer a sample analysis service, but due to technical complexity, we operate the analytical ultracentrifuge and help with the SEC/FFF-MALS experiments.

BCF is located on the third floor of building 50. The BCF staff includes the core director, Dr. Grzegorz (Greg) Piszczek, and a staff scientist, Dr. Di Wu.

Greg Piszczek, PhD.

Building 50 Room 3124

Di Wu, PhD.

Building 50 Room 3124