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About the Biophysics Core

Biophysics Core Technologies

We provide consultations and advice on the applications of biophysical methods. If you would like to discuss the requirements of a particular technique or consider selecting the best technology to meet the requirements of your project, please use the Service Request Form or contact us directly:

We also provide training for all researchers who plan to use instrumentation in the Biophysics Core. You can find instructions and protocols for all technologies available in the core here:

This includes general instructions on how to gain access to the core and establish the iLab account to create instrument reservations.

The Core Facility houses seventeen biophysical instruments. All trained users have access to core instruments and can create instrument reservations in the iLab online reservation system:

Please request instrument training using the Service Request Form. Biophysical Core users perform experiments independently, with the support of core personnel. We provide assistance at all stages of the project, including experiment planning, instrument setup, and data analysis. We do not offer sample processing services, except for SEC-FFF-MALS and AUC instruments.