Center for Advanced Tissue Imaging (CAT-I)

The Center for Advanced Tissue Imaging (CAT-I) is an NIAID and NCI supported effort involving collaborative studies between experts in the Laboratory of Immune System Biology, DIR, NIAID and investigators in the DIR, NIAID and CCR, NCI.

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Major Areas of Focus

  • To enable collaboration in the application of LBS methods of Histo-cytometry in 2D and 3D
  • To enable highly multiplex, quantitative image analysis of tissues samples, primarily but not exclusively of human origin
  • To advance our understanding of immune processes in various diseases
  • To develop better vaccines
3D reconstruction of lymph node, lung and mammary gland. Top-left: 3D view of lymph node; Top-right: three oblique views of 3D lymph node; Middle-left: 3D view of lung; Middle-right: 3D view of mammary gland (collaboration with Kairui Mao, LSB, NIAID); Bottom: overview of 3D lymph node (B220:Cyan; CD31: Yellow).Credit:NIAID

Work With Us

CAT-I is intended to support the application of evolving advanced imaging methods to multiplex, high-dimension tissue analysis. The complexity of such research requires that the projects be undertaken as collaborations and not ‘fee for service’ activities. This will in turn influence how projects are selected for CAT-I participation.

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