Contact Information

Primary Contact

Simone Difilippantonio, PhD
Manager/Principal Scientist


Building 325, Room 102, NCI-Frederick
Frederick, MD 21702


NCI LASP Animal Research Technology Support (ARTS) provides customized technical support for basic and translational animal-based research to the scientific community. We offer a wide array of services ranging from expert colony management to the performance and development of technical procedures aimed at the disease induction, characterization, and treatment of animal models.


  • Development and implementation of specialized technical procedures for induction and characterization of tumorigenesis in preclinical animal models
  • Assessment of PK/PD and efficacy of investigational compounds and anticancer therapeutics
  • Assessment of genetic, immunologic and metabolic function during disease progression
  • Colony management for rodent line maintenance, expansion and cohort production
  • Characterization of animal models throughout all stages of development
  • Genetic, viral, or chemical induction of tumorigenesis in mouse models allograft, xenograft, patient-derived xenografts, genetically engineered mouse models
  • Procedures aimed at assessment of immune functions such as bone marrow transplantations, adoptive cell transfers, immunizations
  • Collection of body fluids and tissues including perfusion and sample preservation
  • Calculation, formulation, and administration of medicated water, diets or chemicals
  • Administration routes: IP, ID, SC, IV, IG, IM, intra-renal, intra-nasal, intra-tracheal, intra-rectal, intra-cardiac, intra-cranial, intra-splenic, intra-hepatic, mammary fat pad, topical skin-painting
  • Surgical procedures such as tumor implants, tumor excision, splenectomy, partial hepatectomy, implantations of osmotic pumps and slow-release devices
  • Development and implementation of new Standard Operating Procedures and assistance with experimental study design to address customer needs

User Guidelines

To request services from this CCR core facility, you must submit your requisition through NAS.