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Primary Contact

George Mitra
Program & Technical Director


1801 Boyles Street
Frederick, MD 21702


The Biopharmaceutical Development Program (BDP) provides resources for the development of investigational biological agents. The BDP supports feasibility through development and Phase I/II cGMP manufacturing plus regulatory documentation. BDP is a DCTD-dedicated facility, but projects outside of DCTD can be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please submit a consultation request at: or contact the BDP directly:

Contacting This Facility: To contact this facility, please refer to the contact details below. Please do not send your request via CREx.

The BDP was established in 1993. We support the development of monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, therapeutic peptides, and DNA vaccines, virus therapeutics and vaccines, gene therapy products, and other biological agents. Since its inception, BDP has completed more than 100 projects. The program has released over 220 lots of different products since 1997 and more than 60 agents have gone into human clinical trials.

Our facilities are designed to be flexible, enabling us to work on multiple projects for a variety of different indications. The BDP provides a unique NCI-funded resource which differentiates it from other biopharmaceutical development programs: we concentrate on products that are in early development, beginning with demonstrating product feasibility on the bench through producing Phase I/II clinical supplies for first-in-human clinical trials.

The BDP makes available over 300 documents that are useful for any investigator, company, or group developing biopharmaceuticals. These documents can help scientific, clinical manufacturing, quality control, and quality assurance professionals. BDP is operated by Leidos Biomedial Research Inc. on behalf of NCI as part of the Frederick National Laboratory.

Established Technologies

  • Adsorbed Vaccines
  • Immunotoxins
  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Natural Products
  • Oligonucleotides
  • Onocolytic Viruses
  • Plasmid Vaccines
  • Recombinant Protein
  • Synthetic Peptide
  • Vaccine – Cellular Products
  • Vaccine Peptide
  • Viral Vaccines

User Guidelines

BDP is a DCTD-dedicated facility, but projects outside of DCTD can be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please submit a consultation request at: or contact the BDP directly:


11B.11 Rat Anti Murine IL-41D12 Anti-hu IgM2A11 Anti Bombesin2E8 Cells3 Antibodies3 Vaccine Peptides (Breast Cancer)4KB128-Saporin7G7 Anti-IL-2 alpha R95-5-49 Anti T-cell95-6-22 Anti T-cellA549 Master Cell Bank (R)AD-KD3AFP and GMCSF plasmids (2) and AFP Adenovirus VaccinesAFP/GMCSF AdenovirusAd 5/3 Delta-24Ad-CCL-21Ad5RGDCD/SSTR Oncolytic Virus (Head and Neck Cancer)Ad5RGDTK/SSTRTK Oncolytic Virus (Ovarian Cancer)AdTSTA-sr39TKAdenovirus GM-CSF-CAIX FusionAdsorbed VaccinesAnaerobic Clostridia Spirogenes VectorAnti CD45RA antibody (Memory T-cell depletion)Anti-transferrin scFvB7.1 Anti-Her2/neuBHK-21 Cell BankBL-22 (dsFv RFB4-PE38) (Lymphoma)Biopharmaceutical Development Program (BDP)Bradykinin Antagonist PeptideBu12-SaporinC-myb Antisense ODCAP-1 Peptide VaccineCD40 LigandCH EB6 Anti-hu IgACHO Cell Bank (R)Cell BanksCh 14.18 (Neuroblastoma)Chimeric Antibody Targeting Light Chain- Ch 11-1F4Cyanovirin HIV TherapyD612 Anti Colon CancerDH5 Alpha E. Coli bank (R)Delta-24 Adenovirus ControlEBV Supernatant VaccineERB-38F-5 Cys Anti-Her2/neu scFv AB targeted LiposomeF1-V plague VaccineFumagillinGQ-ODN T40214GeldanamycinHA-22 (Lymphoma)HD37HEK293 Master Cell Bank (R)HOKT3 Gamma 1 (alaHPV 16 L2 EbE7 Vaccine with GPI-0100 AdjuvantHPV 16-E7 Listeria VaccineHPV E7 Peptide VaccineHSP 110 / GP 100 ChaperoneHSV C134HeFi-1Herpes Vector Oncolytic Virus (Glioblastoma)Hu 14.18 IL-2 Fusion Protein (Neuroblastoma ad Melanoma)Hu B3Hu HB22.7Hu Mik Beta 1Human Recombinant IL-12IGF-1R AntisenseIL-2/Fc and Mutant IL-15/Fc (Type 1 Diabetes)IL-4 RecertificationIL-6 RecertificationImmunotoxinsK562 CellsKSR Antisense OligonucleotideKhleif Peptide VaccinesLEC/NHS76 (PB3)LMB-2 (Anti-TAC Fv PE-38)MART-1 Peptide VaccineMR1-1 DsFv-PE38MRC-5 CELLSMRK-16MV-NISMVA-CMV (Transplant Medicine)Malaria Antigen VaccinesMaster Cell/Working Cell Bank for Allogeneic VaccineMonoclonal AntibodiesMultiple patient specific peptide vaccinesMutant K-Ras VaccinesNS/O CellsNatural ProductsNovel Agent against the MUC1 oncoproteinOKT10-SaporinOVB3OligonucleotidesOnocolytic VirusesPA-83 (rPA) VaccinePADRE-CMV VaccinePCLUS 3-18MN PeptidePR-81 PeptidePR103 (p53-194 His) VaccinePR24 (ras-12 Arg)PR26a/p53-282-T-PPR86/p53-196Pro PeptidePR92 (p53-144Arg)PR95 (p53-159Pro)PXFK PeptidePancreatic Tumor Cell Vaccines (Pancreatic Cancer)Phase I/II/III Id Vaccines (Lymphoma)Plasmid VaccinesPolio virus ChimeraPolyvalent Vaccine(JB.SF-HM8) (Melanoma)R24 ChimericRFB4RN321-RFB4 OnconaseRTVP-1 ProteinRecombinant ProteinRecombinant Wollinella AsparaginaseSEB VaccineSTAT-3 Decoy (Head and Neck Cancer)ShepherdinStaurosporinSynthetic PeptideTissue Specific CRAd: Ad Cox-2 / RGD (Pancreatic Cancer)Transient Expression rh IL-12V166A-VHL14VEE VaccineVH4-34 IgM216Vaccine - Cellular ProductsVaccine PeptideVero Cell Bank (R)Viral VaccinesWortmanninala)cGMP Endotoxin (Challenge Agent)PharmacologyhuATN-658huCC49-Delta-CH2 Anti Tag 72nci-ncrpING-TYRP2pNGVL4a-CRT/E7 (detox)pNGVL4pNGVL4a - Sig E7 (detox)/HSP70pWRG 1644rh IGFBP7rh IL-15rh IL-7 (Renal Cancer)rh IL-7 Mammalian