Contact Information

Primary Contact

Jon Inglefield
Lab Head


1050 Boyles Street
Building 469, Room 145
Frederick, MD 21702


Laboratory of Cell Mediated Immunity offers a spectrum of bioassays to assess cellular responses to antigens and mitogens including ELISPOT, cytotoxicity assays and proliferation assays.

Established Technologies

  • Elispot Assays
  • Dual or Triple Color Fluorospot Assays

  • Murine Immunoassays
  • Cytotoxic T cell assays (Chromium Release Assays)

  • Antigen and mitogen-induced cell proliferation

  • Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions

  • Antibody-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity

  • Cell Metabolic Analysis via Seahorse

  • In vitro Stimulation/Cytokine Induction    

User Guidelines

The Laboratory of Cell-Mediated Immunity is open to all NIH intramural investigators. Project scope is defined in consultation with the customer with the expectation of assay customization to meet testing requirements. Cost estimates based on actual time and materials are provided for investigator review/approval before any project is initiated. This laboratory can perform immunoassays for both basic and clinical research.

To request services from this CCR core facility, you must submit your requisition through NAS.