Contact Information

Primary Contact

Dr. Rachelle Salomon
Program Director


Building 1052
Room 253
Frederick, MD 21702


The BRB Preclinical Repository is a central repository that supplies reagents to the broad research community. This NCI-sponsored repository is managed by NCI's Biological Resources Branch (BRB).  The BRB Preclinical Repository stores cytokines, monoclonal antibodies, and other biologic reagents under carefully controlled conditions to ensure a uniform supply of high-quality reagents.  These reagents many be used for non-clinical research by qualified investigators at public, academic and non-profit institutions. There is no charge for the reagents, but investigators will be required to pay for shipping and handling costs.

User Guidelines

To contact this facility, please refer to the contact details below. Please do not send your request via CREx.

Who Can Access this Resource: Requestors, domestic or foreign, must be a principal investigator, laboratory director, or equivalent in a public, academic, or non-profit institution. Requestors must work in an established institution with appropriate laboratory facilities. Requestors need not be a grantee of National Institutes of Health Institute.

Assurance to Requestors:  All information provided will be treated as confidential. The requestor’s institution will be required to sign a Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) or Simple Letter of Agreement (SLA), which are legally binding agreements that govern the exchange and use of research materials and tools.


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