The NIH Library is a biomedical research library, whose collection and services are available at no cost to NIH staff:


  • NIH Library services are supported by expert librarians and information specialists at no cost to NIH staff:
  • 3D Printing (digital modeling and printing)
  • Bibliometric Analysis (customized reports on publication metrics)
  • Bioinformatics Support (access to bioinformatics software and training)
  • Data Management & Analysis Support (consultations, training, and software, including statistical consultation and resources)
  • Multimedia Services (software and support for audio and video projects)
  • Document Delivery (get access to publications)
  • Editing (light and medium editing for NIH- and HHS-related work)
  • EndNote and Citation Management (software, training, and consultations)
  • Literature Searching, Protocol Support, & Systematic Reviews (expert search support)
  • Training (attend scheduled classes or request tutorials)
  • Translations (written translations of materials and certificates of accuracy for NIH employees and contractors in support of their employment and/or research)
  • Writing & Publishing Support (training and consultation services on how to publish successfully)

User Guidelines

Request NIH Library services directly from the NIH Library. 

Contact Information
Kathleen Mcglaughlin
Communications Librarian
10 Center Dr. RM 1L01
10 Center Drive
Bethesda, MD 20892