NIH ORS Division of Library Services (DLS) - Resources

Request NIH Library services directly from the NIH Library rather than CREx. The NIH Library is a biomedical research library, whose collection and services are available at no cost to NIH staff: [learn more]
Email: nihlibrary@nihgov
Phone: 301-496-1080

NIH Biowulf Computational Cluster

The NIH Biowulf Cluster provides researchers with a world-class system to assist in solving complex biomedical problems as diverse as gene variation in worldwide human populations, deep learning to mo… [learn more]
Director: Steven Bailey
Phone: 301-496-4825

STRIDES Initiative

The STRIDES Initiative aims to help NIH and its institutions accelerate biomedical research by reducing barriers in utilizing commercial cloud services. This initiative aims to harness the power of th… [learn more]