NIH ORS Division of Library Services (DLS) - Resources

Request NIH Library services directly from the NIH Library rather than CREx. The NIH Library is a biomedical research library, whose collection and services are available at no cost to NIH staff: [learn more]
Email: nihlibrary@nihgov
Phone: 301-496-1080

NIH Biowulf Computational Cluster

The NIH Biowulf Cluster provides researchers with a world-class system to assist in solving complex biomedical problems as diverse as gene variation in worldwide human populations, deep learning to mo… [learn more]
Director: Steven Bailey
Phone: 301-496-4825

STRIDES Initiative

The Science and Technology Research Infrastructure for Discovery, Experimentation, and Sustainability (STRIDES)The STRIDES Initiative aims to help NIH and its institutes, centers, and offices (ICOs) a… [learn more]

Email: Science