OMAL focuses its research and development activities to quantitatively understand the molecular basis of three-dimensional (3D) cell organization, motility, invasion, and differentiation using fixed samples and live, 3D tissue culture models (i.e., translational models). OMAL is a CCR-dedicated facility. Prospective users and collaborators should first consult the following website before contacting OMAL staff: https://confocal.ccr.cancer.gov/nci-microscopy-core-labs/frederick/omal/.

OMAL is operated by Leidos Biomedial Research Inc. on behalf of NCI as part of the Frederick National Laboratory.

Contact Details
Director: Stephen Lockett, Ph.D.
Phone: 301.846.5515
Email: locketts@mail.nih.gov
Address: Building B560, Rm 12-79, NCI-Frederick

Established Optical Microscopy Technologies

  • Bright-field, phase, differential interference contrast (Nomarsky) imaging
  • FRAP
  • FRET
  • Multi-color, high-resolution fluorescence image acquisition of fixed and live specimens (up to 3 colors).
  • Ratio imaging of calcium ions and other elements
  • Time-lapse imaging of live cells
  • Image database server for storing/archiving

Advanced techniques are undertaken in collaboration with OMAL scientists

  • Second-harmonic generation imaging microscopy (SHIM)
  • Small animal microscope imaging
  • FLIM
  • TIRF
  • SIM
  • Light Sheet Microscopy
  • Customized image analysis

Training and Scheduling

  • Please contact Kim Peifley at 301-846-6561 to schedule a training session.

Developing Technologies

  • OMAL technology development projects collectively advance multi-functional microscopy for a comprehensive understanding of molecular interactions in living cells.

User Guidelines

OMAL provides a broad range of training and support to CCR investigators which include experiment design, image acquisition, and quantitative analysis. We provide basic support and training with the aim of individuals becoming independent users. This service is free-of-charge to the NCI-CCR community. Projects involving OMAL acquiring new capabilities, are high risk in nature and/or involve significant OMAL resources, require consultation with OMAL.

Major Instrumentation

confocal microscopes

super-resolution microscope

atomic force microscope

multiplex immunofluorescence

Contact Information
1050 Boyles Street
Frederick, MD 21702