NCI Electron Microscopy Laboratory (EML)

EML at NCI-FNL provides legacy electron microscopy specialized in the field of virus diagnosis, ultrastructural analysis of tissues, cultured cells, bacteria, and viruses using a high resolution trans… [learn more]
Scientist: Ferri Soheilian
Phone: (301) 846-1576

FNLCR Molecular Histopathology Lab (MHL)

MHL provides comprehensive research pathology support for animal health monitoring, biomarker discovery/validation, drug development, and genomics on a cost recovered basis. Services include rodent n… [learn more]
Lab Director: Dr. Larry Sternberg
Phone: (301) 846-6881

NCI Optical Microscopy and Analysis Lab (OMAL)

OMAL focuses its research and development activities to quantitatively understand the molecular basis of three-dimensional (3D) cell organization, motility, invasion, and differentiation using fixed s… [learn more]
Director: Stephen Lockett, PhD
Phone: 301-846-5515

CCR Microscopy Core Facility

The CCR Microscopy Core provides NCI investigators access to state-of-the-art imaging tools and techniques, including light sheet fluorescence, high-resolution confocal, multi-photon, and super-resolu… [learn more]
Facility Head: Michael Kruhlak, Ph.D.
Phone: (240) 858-3342

NCI High-Throughput Imaging Facility (HiTIF)

The NCI High-Throughput Imaging Facility (HiTIF) works in a collaborative fashion with NCI/NIH Investigators by providing them with the necessary expertise, instrumentation, and software to develop an… [learn more]
Facility Head: Gianluca Pegoraro
Phone: (240) 760-6696

NCI LASP Small Animal Imaging Program (SAIP)

The mission of the NCI-Frederick is to bridge the gap between discovery and clinical health-care delivery and the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR) Small Animal Imaging Program… [learn more]
Senior Principal Scientist: Joseph Kalen, PhD
Phone: (301) 846-5283

Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology ( LCMB): Microscopy Core

LCMB Microscopy Core offers live cell imaging technologies as well as standard confocal systems for immunofluorescence. Our confocal instruments are a Leica SP8 LSCM and a spinning disk confocal micro… [learn more]
Staff Scientist: Sandeep Pallikkuth
Phone: (240) 760-6360

NHLBI Murine Phenotyping Core

The NHLBI Murine Phenotyping Core carries out physiologic and behavioral testing in a diversity of mouse models for NHLBI and other NIH institutes. [learn more]
Director: Danielle Springer
Phone: (301) 594-6171

Laboratory of Genitourinary Cancer Pathogenesis (LGCP): Microscopy Core

The LGCP Microscopy Core offers imaging technologies and training. The facility has established instrumentation for for 2D and 3D imaging of both fixed and living specimens. Equipment include: Zeiss A… [learn more]
Core Manager: Ross Lake
Phone: (240) 760-6824

Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression (LRBGE): Optical Microscopy Core

The core provides access to several different state-of-the-art 3D microscopes as well as computers to visualize and process image data. The facility houses equipment for 2D or 3D imaging of fixed and … [learn more]
Manager: Tatiana Karpova, Ph.D.
Phone: (240) 760-6637