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Biopharmaceutical Development Program (BDP)
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The Biopharmaceutical Development Program (BDP) provides resources for the development of investigational biological agents. The BDP supports feasibility through development and Phase I/II cGMP manufacturing plus regulatory documentation. BDP is a DCTD-dedicated facility, but Read More...

CCR Sequencing Facility
Frederick, MD

Core Facility

The introduction of DNA sequencing instruments capable of producing millions of DNA sequence reads in a single run has profoundly altered the landscape of genetics and cancer biology. Complex questions can now be answered at Read More...

Mass Spectrometry for Proteins

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Mass Spectrometry Section of the Collaborative Protein Technology Resource (Bldg. 37) Core Capabilities: Identification of proteins in complexes, organelles, subcellular fractions, or fluids. Global relative protein quantitation. Quantitation by isotopic labeling of cells in culture (SILAC) Read More...

Protein Expression Laboratory

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Protein Expression Laboratory The Protein Expression Laboratory develops, improves, and delivers protein-centric services. Our goal is to help client investigators achieve their research goals with the lowest possible cost in the shortest time. All PEL Read More...

Sequencing Facility

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[tabby title="Overview"] CCR Sequencing Facility Please Note: Due to the budget and personnel reduction, starting May 20th, 2024 and until further notice, the Sequencing Facility will no longer be providing the Single Cell Services listed Read More...

March 2023 Newsletter

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CREx Monthly Newsletter Learn about the NIH Collaborative Research Exchange (CREx), Core Facilities, Webinars, & More New Resources on CREx NCI CLIA Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory (CMDL) The NCI CMDL is available to assist all Read More...