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NCI Molecular Cytogenetics Core Facility
Frederick, MD

Core Facility

Molecular Cytogenetics Core Facility facilitates the assessment of structural and numerical genomic changes in pre-cancer and cancer research models. This core provides comprehensive support for the cytogenetic analysis of cells from human and research animal Read More...

CCR Sequencing Facility
Frederick, MD

Core Facility

The introduction of DNA sequencing instruments capable of producing millions of DNA sequence reads in a single run has profoundly altered the landscape of genetics and cancer biology. Complex questions can now be answered at Read More...

NCI Genetics Branch: OMICS Technology Facility
Bethesda, MD


Our operational objectives are to provide state-of-the-art OMICS technologies in support of the Genetics Branch (GB) investigators and collaborators. Research Services: Wet Lab • Single cell isolation from fresh, frozen and FFPE tissue • DNA/RNA extractions Read More...

Sequencing Facility

Web Page

[tabby title="Overview"] CCR Sequencing Facility Mission: The mission of the Center for Cancer Research Sequencing Facility (CCR-SF) is to utilize high-throughput sequencing technologies to enrich cancer research and ensure that the NCI community can Read More...