Comparative Oncology Program (COP)
Bethesda, MD

The COP evaluates novel therapies in pet dogs with cancer to improve outcomes for human patients and established the Comparative Oncology Trial Consortium (COTC), a collaborative effort of NCI and extramural comparative oncology centers at 19 veterinary schools across the United States and Canada, with the goal to integrate naturally occurring cancer models into the development path of new cancer drugs for humans. The COP complements translational research efforts through the characterization and use of relevant and naturally occurring cancer models that develop in pet animals. Cl… [learn more]
Phone: (301) 402-8634


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Molecular Pathology Unit
Bethesda, Maryland
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The Molecular Pathology Unit is intended to spearhead opportunities for bridging basic and clinical research efforts by more precisely optimizing the development, characterization and utilization of models of human disease. The initiative approach includes both applied research and collaborations aimed at developing new reagents, methods, and technologies in preclinical diagnostic medicine; thus enhancing capabilities to integrate molecular and systemic aspects of disease mechanisms. Designing and employing state of the art medical and pathology investigative tools to the study of animal m… [learn more]

Program Director: R. Mark Simpson
Phone: (240) 760-6961


NCI Center for Advanced Preclinical Research (CAPR)

Description The Center for Advanced Preclinical Research (CAPR) specializes in evaluating the efficacy of preclinical compounds, existing drugs, or biologics (therapeutics) in genetically engineered mouse (GEM) models, GEM-derived allograft (GDA) models, or patient-derived mouse xenografts (PDX). We partner primarily with Center for Cancer Research (CCR) investigators and clinicians using an RFA mechanism described below. Projects outside of CCR may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact Details Program & Scientific Director: Shyam Sharan, Ph.D. Phon… [learn more]

Phone: (301) 846-5140