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Primary Contact

Joseph J. Barchi Jr.
Senior Scientist


376 Boyles Street
Building 376 Rm 209
Frederick, Maryland 21702


Bruker AVANCE 400 and 500 MHz NMR instruments. Helium Cryoprobe technology on the 500 MHz machine for added sensitivity, especially for Carbon-13 spectra. Access to a second 500 MHz instrument with Prodigy  Liquid Nitrogen-cooled cryoprobe . User Accounts can be created for automated setup and experiment acquisition.  Use of ICONNMR automated software with 24-slot sample changers on each machine. User training available. Some service to those who are unfamiliar with NMR can be performed either as a one-time aid for compound identification or as a collaborative project for more extensive NMR needs. 

Established Technologies

  • High-resolution structural analysis of sugars, glycopeptides and small molecule drug candidates by NMR spectroscopy. Collaborative projects with NCI Researchers

Major Instrumentation

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