NCI SAXS Core Facility

The mission of the SAXS Core facility is to provide support to research projects from CCR principle investigators (PIs), NIH intramural PIs and extramural academic research groups/laboratories. The su… [learn more]
Facility Head: Lixin Fan, Ph.D.
Phone: (301) 846-1362

Chemical Biology Laboratory (CBL): Chemistry Support Group

The Chemistry Support Group provides a means to access chemical technology for those groups within the NCI Intramural community which would not otherwise be capable of exploring these aspects of their… [learn more]
Srr Tech Lab Mgr: Dina Sigano
Phone: (301) 846-5995

Chemical Biology Laboratory (CBL): Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

The CBL NMR facility contains 2 instruments, a 400 MHz instrument for small molecule characterization (SMART probe for H/F detection on one channel and nucleus from 15N-31P on the second channel) and … [learn more]
Senior Scientist: Joseph Barchi Jr
Phone: (301) 846-5905