Contact Information

Primary Contact

Raj Chari
Facility Head


8560 Progress Drive
RM C2029
Frederick, MD 21701


NCI LASP Genome Modification Core (GMC) is a CCR-dedicated facility that provides advice, training, and reagents to NCI scientists seeking to utilize CRISPR and other nucleases to generate genome modifications in primary cells, cell lines, and in animal models.

Established Technologies

We are currently offering a variety of services to CCR investigators. Moreover, we also have accumulated many different flavors of genome editing reagents. Here is a brief summary of what we are currently offering:

Consulting – if you are new to these areas of research and wish to find out more about how genome editing approaches may be useful in your work, we are happy to discuss your projects and needs in greater detail.

Single locus editing – we will design, test and generate reagents for performing either knock-out or knock-in experiments.

Genome-wide CRISPR libraries – we have procured a number of the most commonly used human and mouse genome wide libraries for CRISPR-based screening and will provide an aliquot of the library for your experiments Custom pooled library design and generation – if only a small number of genes are wished to be targeted, rather than the whole genome, we can build custom libraries for pooled CRISPR-based screening. For more information, please go to our web page

User Guidelines

GMC services are available to all CCR investigators. Please contact GMC to discuss your project prior to submitting your service request in NAS. Non-CCR Investigators seeking project advise are also welcome to contact GMC to discuss their projects.