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Primary Contact

Parirokh “Roackie” Awasthi


Building 244, Room 21
Frederick, MD 21701


The Mouse Modeling Core assists NIH investigators by generating and preserving genetically-engineered mouse strains. Services include scientific consultation, gene-targeting in mouse embryonic stem cells, micro-injection of nucleic acids, proteins, or ES cells into mouse embryos, in vitro fertilization, cryopreservation of germplasm, and regeneration of mice from frozen stocks. The MMC also interfaces with the Genome Modification Core to generate genetically or epigenetically-altered lines of mice using CRISPR and other nuclease-based methods (TALENS, Zn Fingers).

The NCI Mouse Repository (NMR), operated by the MMC, is an NCI-funded resource for mouse cancer models and associated strains distributed as cryopreserved germplasm to academic, non-profit, and commercial scientific organizations. In addition, the NMR carries 1501 genetically engineered mouse embryonic stem cells lines were generated by the Cold Spring Harbor (supported by the Division of Cancer Biology), harboring conditional microRNA transgenes, available to the scientific community to help address the role that microRNAs play in human cancers, their use as diagnostic tools, and their potential functions as targets for therapeutic intervention in the treatment of cancer.

User Guidelines

All NCI Mouse Repository mice are free, however, the recipient is responsible for shipping costs. Cryo-archived strains are supplied as frozen embryos. Recovery of live mice from the Repository may be requested by interfacing with the Mouse Modeling Core.

To request MMC services from this CCR core facility, you must submit your requisition through NAS.


12T-1012T-7f68 T2/Onc (Sleeping Beauty)76 T2/Onc (Sleeping Beauty)Ahr nullAkt1Apc CKOApc Delta 580Apc1638AprtArf floxedArf-null (p19)ArfGFPBLBP-creBloom homolog mutantBrca1 Exon 11 delBrca1 KOBrca1 floxed (FVB;129)Brca1 floxed (STOCK)Brca1 nullBrca2 floxedC57BL/6 DNTGFRIICAG-LSL-EGFR-WTCAG-LSL-EGFRvIIICAGGS-SB10 (Sleeping Beauty)DMP-1 nullE2f3E2f4ED-L2/CreEGFR-L858RFabp1-CreFen1GFAP-TV-AGFAP-hCDK4Gadd45a nullHB-PLAPHB-PLAP(A to G)HB-Plap(G11)HPV16-E6Hi-MycInk4a/Arf null (B6)Ink4a/Arf null (FVB)K-rasLA1K-rasLA2K14 CreK14-HPV16K5/tTALANALPV-TAgLSL K-ras G12DLST1135LST1137Lambda-MYCLangerin-CreLine FLkb1 floxLo-MycMH19MMTV-CreMMTV/c-mycMPAKTMdm-2floxMdm-2puroMdm-2recMen1 nullMen1deltaN3-8MicroRNAMlh1 nullMsh2 nullMsh3 nullMsh6 nullMyf6-ires-cre knock-inN-ras nullNf1 floxNf1 null (129)Nf1 null (B6)Nkx3.1 null (B6)Nkx3.1 null (B6;129)Nkx3.1 null (FVB)Nkx3.1-CreNkx3.1-CreERT2Nras KONtv-aP190 BCR-ABLPB-Cre4PB-FGF8b-line 3PML nullPML-RARaPTENPax3:Fkhr conditional knock-inPax7(CreERp)Pdx-1-creRARa-PMLRIP1-Tag2 (B6)RIP1-Tag2 (C3)RIP1-Tag5ROSA-CreERROSA26-pCAGGs-LSL-LuciferaseRb floxedRb1 nullRosa LSL SBase/TG12740Rosa LSL SBase/TG12775Rosa LSL SBase/TG6070Rosa LSL SBase/TG6113RosaSBSV11SWR Brca2 exon 27 delSprr2f-CreT121TG-E6/E7TG6070TG6113TH-MYCNTdn/11Tet-inducible systemTetO-HRASTg p53 R172HTgfb1 Rag2 nullTgfbr2 flox (FVB)Tsc1Tyr-HRASTyr-rtTAVillin-CreWAP-CreWAP-TagWAP-rtTA-CreWAPT121XPV knockoutdl1135dl1137Animal ResourceshGFAP-CreiDCT-GFPiMycEunci-corep16(Ink4a) nullp19(Arf) null (B6;129)p19(Arf) null (FVB)p53 LSL R172Hp53 LSL R270Hp53 R172Hp53 R270Hp53 floxeds100B-v-erbB (Ink4a-Arf +/-)vil-Cre Fo20