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DTP Natural Products Repository
Frederick, MD


Trans NIH Facility

DTP’s Natural Products Repository is the world’s largest storehouse of natural products. It houses close to >200,000 extracts from samples of more than 70,000 plants and >20,000 marine organisms collected from more than 29 countries, plus extracts Read More...

CCR Sequencing Facility
Frederick, MD

Core Facility

The introduction of DNA sequencing instruments capable of producing millions of DNA sequence reads in a single run has profoundly altered the landscape of genetics and cancer biology. Complex questions can now be answered at Read More...

NCI High-Throughput Imaging Facility (HiTIF)
Bethesda, MD


The NCI High-Throughput Imaging Facility (HiTIF) works in a collaborative fashion with NCI/NIH Investigators by providing them with the necessary expertise, instrumentation, and software to develop and execute advanced High-Throughput Imaging (HTI) assays. These Read More...

Sequencing Facility

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[tabby title="Overview"] CCR Sequencing Facility Please Note: Due to the budget and personnel reduction, starting May 20th, 2024 and until further notice, the Sequencing Facility will no longer be providing the Single Cell Services listed Read More...

Artificial Intelligence Resource (AIR)

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[tabby title="Home"] About AIR A CCR Initiative for Researchers Artificial Intelligence Resource (AIR) is a collaborative research group focusing on developing translational computer vision-based AI models for cancer research in the CCR. Mission: The Read More...

Biophysics Core Technologies

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Home About the Biophysics Core Biophysics Core Services [tabby title="Instrumentation"] NHLBI Biophysics Core The Biophysics Core Facility: Overview Core Facilities provide scientific resources, cutting-edge technologies and novel approaches to support DIR scientists. Availability of Read More...

Scientific Software

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OSTR provides CCR investigators with access to a variety of software licenses for genomic, proteomic, pathway analysis and data visualization tools. These software are funded by OSTR and made available at no cost to CCR Read More...