NCI National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) Biospecimen Banks (NCTN Biobanks)

The National Clinical Trials Network Biospecimen Banks (NCTN) receive, store, and distribute human cancer biospecimens collected on NCTN clinical trials. NCTN Biobanks provide cancer researchers with … [learn more]
Program Manager: Joanne Demchok
Phone: (301) 219-5909

Central Repository

The Central Repository provides the research community at the NCI with various cryogenic services, including low-temperature storage from +4° C to -196° C, controlled-rate freezing, computerized inv… [learn more]
Biorepository Director: Zack Klug
Phone: (301) 732-8225

DTP Repository of Chemical Agents

DTP maintains a repository of synthetic compounds and pure natural products that are available to investigators for non-clinical research purposes. The Repository collection is a uniquely diverse set … [learn more]
Chemist: Stephen L. White, Ph.D.
Phone: (240) 276-5941

DCTD Tumor Repository

DTP has maintained a low temperature repository of transplantable in vivo-derived tumors and in vitro-established tumor cell lines from various species, located at the National Cancer Institute in Fre… [learn more]
Facility Head: Bethany Asare, Ph.D.
Phone: (301) 846-1709

NCI Specimen Resource Locator (SRL)

The Specimen Resource Locator (SRL) is a biospecimen resource database designed to help researchers locate resources that may have the samples needed for their investigational use. This publicly searc… [learn more]
Program Manager: Joanne Demchok
Phone: (240) 276-5959

DTP Natural Products Repository

NCI considers the Natural Products Repository (NPR) a national resource, and extracts and partially-purified fractions from the Repository are available either in vials, 96-well plates and 384-well pl… [learn more]
Repository Coordinator: Carol Haggerty
Phone: (301) 624-1285

BRB Preclinical Biologics Repository

The BRB Preclinical Repository is a central repository that supplies reagents to the broad research community. This NCI-sponsored repository is managed by NCI\'s Biological Resources Branch (BRB). The… [learn more]
Program Director: Rachelle Salomon
Phone: (301) 846-5002

NCI Patient-Derived Models Repository (PDMR)

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has launched a national repository of Patient-Derived Models (PDMs) comprised of patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) and in vitro patient-derived cell cultures (PDCs)… [learn more]
Operations Manager: Yvonne A. Evrard, Ph.D.
Phone: (301) 846-5060