NCI CCR Vaccine Branch Flow Cytometry Core

The Vaccine Branch FACS Core Facility provides expertise and support for biological research projects within the CCR by: 1) Maintaining and operating state-of-the-art flow cytometry instrumentation an… [learn more]
Staff Scientist: Kathy McKinnon
Phone: (240) 760-6659

NCI Clinical Support Laboratory: Flow Cytometry Section

Clinical Support Laboratory – Flow Cytometry Section is part of a CLIA registered laboratory. The Flow Cytometry section specializes in providing immunophenotyping support of NCI intramural clinical… [learn more]
Lab Head: Jon Inglefield
Phone: (301) 846-6865

NCI CCR-Frederick Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The CCR-Frederick Flow Cytometry Core Facility in the Lab of Cellular Immunometabolism maintains instruments, and provides cytometry training, analysis and cell sorting services for CCR staff. Analys… [learn more]
Research Associate: Jeff Carrell
Phone: (301) 846-5811

Laboratory of Genome Integrity (LGI): Flow Cytometry Core

The Flow Cytometry Core is open to CCR investigators who do not have their own flow cytometry facilities, with preference given to Bldg. 37 scientists. INSTRUMENTATION: 1. BD LSR Fortessa SORP I an… [learn more]
Facility Director: Ferenc Livak, MD
Phone: (240) 760-7605