NIBIB Biomedical Engineering and Physical Science (BEPS)

The Biomedical Engineering and Physical Science (BEPS) shared resource supports NIH’s intramural basic and clinical scientists on applications of engineering, physics, imaging, measurement and analy… [learn more]
Core Manager: Dr Nicole Morgan
Phone: 301-435-1947

NIH Mouse Imaging Facility (MIF)

The Mouse Imaging Facility (MIF) is a shared, trans-NIH intramural resource for animal imaging studies. The MIF was established as a pilot project to provide the NIH intramural community access to mod… [learn more]
Animal Imaging Program Director: Brenda Klaunberg

NIH MRI Research Facility (NMRF)

The NIH MRI Research Facility (NMRF) is a shared, intramural resource for human imaging studies. The NMRF is supported by all Institutes at NIH and reports to the Shared Resources Subcommittee (SRS) o… [learn more]
Technical Director: Lalith Talagala, PhD
Phone: 301-402-3253

NIH ORS Division of Veterinary Resources (DVR) - Pathology Service

The Pathology Service, Division of Veterinary Resources (DVR), Office of Research Services (ORS), provides diagnostic gross and histopathologic evaluation of any species of laboratory animals used in … [learn more]
Director: Dr Michael Eckhaus
Email: me18m@nih.govEM
Phone: 301-496-4465

NIBIB Advanced Imaging & Microscopy (AIM) Trans-NIH Shared Resource

The Advanced Imaging & Microscopy (AIM) Resource is a trans-NIH shared resource that houses, operates, disseminates, and improves non-commercial, prototype optical imaging systems developed at the NIH… [learn more]
Phone: 301-496-2552
Email: harshad.vishwasrao@nih.govEstablished
Phone: 301-496-2552

Chemistry and Synthesis Center

The Chemistry and Synthesis Center (CSC) of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) provides IRP scientists with targeted imaging probes and chemical tools that help accelerate cell base… [learn more]
Director: Rolf Swenson
Phone: (301) 827-1741